Monetize your videos easily
with CarrotPay plug-in for Kaltura
About this demo
Carrot has produced a payment plug-in for the Kaltura video player. To demonstrate this effectively we have created a realistic selling experience for you to try. On your site people will use their own digital purse to pay with real money. However, this demo is configured to use a merchant 'GuestPurse' so that you may experience exactly what a user will experience without the need for you to add money at this stage. If you are already logged in to your WebPurse, simply logout before trying the demo. Please feel free to try everything and buy as much as you wish. When you are ready to move on, simple follow the instructions at the bottom of this page. Once you have your own purse, this demo will request payment with real money.
Learn to ride with style
We offer many tutorials on various riding techniques and these are available in video and pdf formats. Play any video tutorial for €0.10, rent it for the day for €0.39 or subscribe all videos for a month for just €4.99.
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How to get this plug-in
How to get a WebPurse
About this plug-in

This plug-in brings CarrotPay's WebCoins to the Kaltura player.

CarrotPay is a micropayment solution that lets you charge lots of tiny amounts without the typical fees or hassle. Users don't have to fill out forms or use credit cards and they never leave what they're doing. You receive the money instantly and it's easy to reward users for sharing.

Kaltura provides free and open source video solutions; video management system, online video player, video editor and more.

More about the plugin here.

Get integration guide here: PDF or HTML.
Merchant benefits

5% Transaction fee − That's it. No other fees.
Receive money instantly and transfer to your bank whenever you wish.
No charge-backs − ever!.
New users need not be pre-registered with Carrot.
Designed for very high volume business.
share-n-earn micro-affiliate network service helps to reduce promotional costs.
Capture new users by offering SiteCoins to spend on your site.
Integrates easily with 3rd party Digital Right Management.
Thank you to... Halo Gordie (Music), ActionMediaMusic (Music Rights), (Video)